Contractor Faqs

Is there a fee for Contractor?

Yes, Contractor fees below:

1 Month Service $9.95

3 Months Service $24.78

6 Months Service $48.95

1 Year Service $94.33

Can I manage my account online?

Yes, with an online account you can bid on multiple projects, find out what's happening with the projects you're bidding on and manage your portfolio. Our site is responsive to mobile devices.

Is there a cost for contractors to bid?

No. Contractors can bid on as many projects and time as they wish. FREE to bid!.

Why should a contractor join RenoOffers?

RenoOffers provides contractors with the ability to access project leads and provide project estimate without driving all over town just for a free estimate. RenoOffers is an excellent way to promote your business and receive warm leads at a fraction of the cost of printing flyers, paying for radio and social media ads, as well as other forms of expensive endorsementsthat yield low returns.

Is there a cost to register on RenoOffers?

No. To register on RenoOffers is FREE for contractors.

What are the benefits of being a contractor with RenoOffers?

Access to project leads

Create a profile for prospective clients to review

Advertise your business by creating a portfolio of completed projects

Instant updates by email on project leads

No cost to bid

'Project budget amount are included', as a project should not be able to be posted with this or other piece of required information

What happen to the activation email to complete registration process?

Please check your junk or bulk email.

Should I still bid on projects with budget set too low?

Yes. To place a bid is FREE!. You should place a bid at the price that you are willing and able to render service for. DO NOT place bids where it is deceiving or misleading to our clients, as doing so is a violation of our terms and conditions.

How do I pay my monthly membership fee?

Payment is accepted via PayPal and all other major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What does the status Closed on a project mean?

This 'means' that the homeowner is no longer accepting bids on that particular project.

Do I have to own a business as a licensed contractor to utilize this site to look for work?

It depends on the homeowner's requirements for the project to be completed safely and legally. Some clients may require that you are licensed and bonded in order to do certain work, therefore before your bid can be considered.


Please contact us if you have additional questions